Here Are The Best Jobs of 2017

U.S. News & World Report just released their 2017 best jobs report and it’s evidence that a career in health care is a great choice. So which profession topped the list this year?…
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Nurse Putting Wristband On Senior Male Patient In Hospital

5 Ways Nursing Graduate School Can Pay Off

The number of jobs for nurses with graduate degrees is growing quickly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, whose…
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Mapping Missouri’s Health Care Workforce

Hospitals throughout the nation are facing a significant challenge recruiting and retaining qualified health care workers in a highly competitive…
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Outdoor Portrait Male Nurse

Rethinking The Term “Male Nurse”

Among the more than 2 million registered nurses across the country, only about 10 percent are men, according to the…
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Can Social Workers Lower The Country’s Premature Birth Rate?

Close to 400,000 children are born prematurely—before 37 weeks—in the US every year, roughly one out of every 10 births.…
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As Medical Programs Strive To Crank Out Rural Physicians, The Shortage Grows

Missouri is part of a troubling national pattern of insufficient health care in rural counties. According to the National Rural…
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Genetic Counselors Struggle To Keep Up With Huge New Demand

Erika Stallings’ mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. When it came back in her early…
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A young boy visiting the hospital for a check-up

8-Year-Old Treats Hospital Staff Who Saved Her Life

On Saturday mornings, one Columbia girl visits the MU Children’s Hospital to thank the staff who saved her life, complete…
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4 Ways to Tell if that Healthcare Job Is a Good Cultural Fit

Once upon a time, there was an ultrasound technologist named Goldilocks. She was offered a job at a local hospital,…
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