9 tips for before, during, and after your job interview

The preparation:

  • Save your resume with your full name in the title before sending it to the company. Simple, but effective.
  • After you’ve sent your resume, wait at least a week before calling or emailing the company. Check in via email or practice what you say with a friend before you call. Be careful about writing down what you will say, because you do not want to seem too rehearsed.
  • Practice in the mirror. This is a great exercise to help you monitor your body language and allow you to feel more comfortable and confident during the real interview. Or another option would be to record yourself on your laptop and play it back and conduct a self-evaluation, which is similar to what people do when preparing for an important presentation.

The interview:

  • Don’t get ahead of yourself. The initial interview is not the proper time to ask about compensation or vacations. Too soon, they need to see that you want the job, not just the benefits.
  • You have two ears and one mouth. “Listen twice as much as you speak.” Might sound strange, but don’t think of an interview as a time to talk about yourself. You need to show them you are the one that truly cares about the company and how you can benefit the brand.
  • Be prepared to answer the top 3 questions interviewers ask:
    • Can you do the job?
    • Will you love the job?
    • Can we tolerate working with you?
  • Ask questions. Prepare questions, but don’t feel restricted to only use ones you came prepared to ask. See how the interview goes and what questions come up organically.


  • Write down the names of your interviewers, and send them each a handwritten thank you note. Try to send the note as quickly as possible, and be sure to add a personal note. Include details the interviewer mentioned.
  • When you receive an offer, feel free to ask questions about the pay level or other benefits. Now is when it would be appropriate to ask those kind of questions.

These interview tips were originally posted on PR Daily.