Celebrating the Rewards of Nursing

Is a career as a nurse right for you? It was the right choice for Brigitte Loyd, registered nurse at Golden Valley Memorial Hospital. Here’s why she loves her job:

I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, December 1996. I chose nursing because I felt that it was a career that would provide many opportunities in the health care field. I was right!  I have worked in numerous departments and have had many roles as an R.N. I have experience in medical /telemetry, intensive care, school nursing, surgery, endoscopy and cardiology. My work experiences have provided me with various skill sets and numerous experiences that have enhanced my career growth. I enjoy learning and I enjoy the days when I feel like I have made a difference. I am very thankful for the opportunities that my career has provided, and I look forward further opportunities down the road. Nursing is challenging. It is hard work,  but it can also be very rewarding.