State Aid

Professional and practical nursing student loans provide financial aid to students pursuing careers as licensed practical nurses or professional nurses in under-served areas of Missouri. The financial aid provided to nursing students consists of loans for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate training that may be forgiven, or written off, in exchange for service in an under-served area.

As the state’s official agency for higher education, the Missouri Department of Higher Education devotes its site to information concerning college preparation, financial aid and loan applications.

Under the MO$T program, Missouri residents can designate amounts specifically for accounts to finance a designated beneficiary’s education. The amount is deductible from Missouri state taxable income. When beneficiaries enter college, money can be withdrawn from the accounts for qualified higher education expenses at eligible schools in Missouri or the nation tax-free.

The Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri (PRIMO) provides help to people and communities to assure access to health care services to all Missourians. The focus of PRIMO is on building community-based systems of care across the state. Systems that work with the community to make sure health needs are met and that young people have the opportunity to pursue careers as health care professionals.