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Scholarships for students interested in attending post-secondary schools are available from various entities — from local civics organizations and your community hospitals to state and national organizations.

Nursing Scholarships

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Health Professional Student Loan Repayment Program

The Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) awards funding for educational loan repayment to Missouri licensed practicing psychiatry, medical, and dental health professionals in exchange for services in Missouri areas with a shortage of mental health, medical, and dental professionals.

Johnson & Johnson Nursing Scholarships

There are many kinds of financial assistance available to help you on your path to a nursing career.

Nursing Scholarships

List of nursing scholarships

AACN Scholarships & Financial Aid

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) scholarships and financial aid.

Nursing Scholarships and Grants

Financial aid for your nursing degree can come in many forms. Check out the many scholarships and grants available to nursing students here.

50 Great Scholarships for Nursing Students

Fifty great scholarships for nursing students

Scholarships for Health Care Professionals Serving in Rural and Underserved Areas

HRSA Health Workforce Scholarships

Scholarships to help you pay for your health professions education.

HRSA Loan Repayment Programs

Programs that repay part of your school loan debt.

RHIhub Health Professions Students Seeking Scholarships

Students who are pursuing healthcare careers and intend to work in rural, tribal, and other underserved areas may be eligible for scholarships, loans, and forgivable loans.

Financial Incentive Programs for Health Professionals

Many health professional careers qualify for financial incentive programs. Whether you are a student, a resident or already in-practice, we’ve gathered a wide variety of state and national resources to assist you.

Missouri-Specific Scholarships

Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri

PRIMO recipients complete their loan repayment through obtaining qualifying employment to earn forgiveness by working in an underserved area in primary care.

Missouri Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant

The Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant is a new financial aid program for adults. The grant addresses workforce needs by helping adults pursue a certificate, degree, or industry-recognized credential in an area designated as high need.

Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development Grants & Scholarships

The Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development administers a number of state grants and scholarships.

Missouri Public Health Association Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships for public health professionals and students to promote quality public health for Missouri.

School of Health Professions Scholarships and Awards

University of Missouri School of Health Professions scholarship applications.

General Health Professions Scholarships

There is an array of scholarships available aimed directly at students pursuing a career in allied healthcare fields. You can find healthcare scholarships through associations, non-profits, and corporations. Some of them are dedicated to single parents, veterans, military members, and minorities. Others are open to all healthcare students, and some are for students in specialty programs.

Healthcare Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships for Allied Healthcare Students

Association of Schools Advancing Health Professionals

25 Great Scholarships for Healthcare Management Students

Frontline Families Scholarship Program

Health and Medical Sciences Scholarships

Scholarships By Academic Major

College and University Grants and Scholarships

Institutional grants and scholarships are awarded by the school a student attends. For more information about the financial aid offered, check each individual school website.

Private Grants and Scholarships

National and local businesses, community groups, and religious and civic organizations also award grants and scholarships. These scholarship search tips offer advice about finding private grants and scholarships.

HOSA Scholarships

HOSA and its partners provide scholarships to HOSA members in a variety of health care career fields.