Arcadia Valley Career Technology Center

About This School

Our mission is to create a positive school experience, and to provide character development and 21st Century work skills for all students by enhancing the students’ interests, skills and aptitudes such that the student will:

  • Seek advanced education/training in the career education field;
  • Work in the chosen career education field; and
  • Positively impact the community of residence and employment.

Classes That Will Help Prepare Students
• Biology
• Computer
• Basic Math
• Algebra
• Anatomy

National Certification
Health Sciences students have the opportunity to take the CNA exam to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.

A+ Acceptance
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Main Contacts

Main Address

650 Park Drive
Ironton, MO, 63650
(573) 546-9700 ext. 4 (573) 546-9700 ext. 4

Degree Fields