Career and Technology Center at Fort Osage

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Regardless of where you come from, or where you return to, when you enter the doors of this building you are a member of an elite group of individuals who make up the student body of The Career and Technology Center.

CTC is your school. Your school has its own colors, logo, t shirts, and newspaper. Your school has its own school letter, its own identity and image. When you are here, you are at YOUR SCHOOL.

When you are here, there are no rivalries, no animosities, because when you make that conscious decision to be a member of this school, YOUR SCHOOL, you have decided to be an integral part of one of the finest technical share time centers in the state. And for this, you should be proud. Proud of your decision and proud that you are now a part of a new group of individuals who have made the same commitment as you, to become The Career and Technology Center…Your School!

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A+ Acceptance
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2101 North Twyman Road
Independence, MO, 64058
(816) 650-7180 (816) 650-7180

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Emergency Medicine

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