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Founded in 1854, Central Methodist University is a four-year private university, fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. Central offers educational opportunities ranging from high-school dual credit to graduate degrees and has a total enrollment of more than 5,200 students statewide. CMU’s main campus (known as the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences-CLAS) is located in Fayette, Missouri. 

Degree Programs Offered

ACCOUNTING | 2 Year Degree | 4 Year Degree | ATHLETIC TRAINING |BIOLOGY | BUSINESS| 2 Year Degree | 4 Year Degree | Banking & Finance, General Business, Management, Marketing & Advertising |CHEMISTRY | COMMUNICATION | Mass Communications, Media Studies |COMPUTER SCIENCE | 2 Year Degree | 4 Year Degree | NURSING |PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION |PSYCHOLOGY


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Church Street
Fayette, MO, 65248
(877) 268-1854 (877) 268-1854

Degree Fields

Health Information Technology
Mental and Social Health
Therapies and Rehabilitation

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